Commission Process

Let’s look at what you will need to supply, and how you will get what you’re looking for.
Getting a commission means you agree and are okay with this process.

0. Preparation.

  • Contact me on any platform that I’m active at and get a price estimate for what you have in mind.
    You can do this at any time regardless of available slots.
    • For reliable communication, use email! Send a mail to:
    • Here is an example of the kind of message you can send:
      • Hi! I'm interested in a commission with 2 characters if possible!
        This is what they look like: <Link 1>, <Link 2>.
        I'd like them to do succ each other off and jizz all over.
        There are more pics of them in my account here btw: <link to account if you got one>
        Is this something you can do, and what is the estimated cost?
    • I will not respond to messages that spam me a huge wall of text. Short. Message. PLZ. πŸ™

1. Get a Slot

πŸ“Check my Worklist. If you spot available slots, then go for it!
I may also give a notice about available slots on my galleries or in a tweet or fediverse message. Regardless of those, the worklist will clearly show you if slots are available, so check that first.

When a slot is available:
Send me a short message via email. Send it to:
If you’ve already messaged me ahead of time for a price quote, mention that previous message, so you don’t have to repeat yourself.
If you have not messaged me yet, then do that and supply me with the required information.

Things to check:

  • Have you read my commission pricing and options page?
  • Secure the funds for your commission.
    • If you wish to split a commission with a friend, make plans who of you will deal with the communication and payment.
      I need one person to serve as main point of contact and coordinator among you people.
  • Include a link or attach a picture of the the character(s) you want to get the slot for.
  • Describe what you’d like the commish to be about in a short sentence.
    • You will get the chance to tell me in detail what you’d like when you got a slot confirmed.
  • Getting a slot is not first come first served.
    • There may be several people interested in the same slot at any given time and I can only offer a few each month.
    • When you are asking for something that I am not okay working on, I will let you know specifically why I am declining your slot request.
      -> Check my acceptable content lists first, and ask if you have questions if you’re unsure!
    • Commissioning me for something that is a passion of mine has a higher chance of getting a slot.
      • For example if you’ve never seen me draw any planet-fucking omnisexual udder tentacle slug amoebas, chances are I’d very likely not pick your commission for a slot. xD
  • I’ll get back to you within 2 work-days at the latest to let you know whether you did or didn’t get the slot.
    • If you didn’t get the slot – don’t worry! Try it for the next one you see available. πŸ™‚

2. You got the slot? Supply Details + References next.

Once you got a slot, I’ll approach you and ask for more details.

Now you can supply more details, all references (I may ask for more references if details are unclear), and what commission features you’re looking for. This can all be done via my commission data uploader (link is below πŸ‘‡ ). You will need a password for this which I’ll tell you.

Here is a list of what you need to prepare:

  • A compact description of what you are looking for.
    • Posing/Action:
      • A good pose/action description example would be: I want Character_A to give Character_B a hot blowjob, A is sitting somewhere, maybe outside, with his shorts down (the ones from the reference). B is ignoring his own hard-on and is leaking a lot of pre.
      • If you don’t think that I can be trusted to figure out the specific implementation of your commish based on your description, then choose another artist. I do not enjoy being micro-managed.
    • Supply visual references for all characters in the commission if available.
      • A full body overview will be helpful. It does not have to be a refsheet.
      • If there are details on the body or in the design that are special, and if you have a picture that shows them in better detail, include it.
      • If you have artworks of the same character from different times that show conflicting details (such different colors or wing/tail designs etc), clarify which of those details are the current design that you wish me to use.
      • If you have got no artwork of your character:
        • Provide a written description
        • Provide any doodles or sketches you might have made thinking about the design (optional)
        • Provide examples to other artworks that show details that you like. For instance horns sorta like the ones from <this picture>, but blue, and dick about as large as the one in <this artwork here>, but with more veins oh and it glows!
  • If you have a particular action in mind and already know of an artwork or picture that gets the idea across better than you can describe, include that as well.
    • Adjustments may be required to work with your designs. So I may not do a 1:1 pose copy.
  • You can also just tell me to come up with something interesting for any part of the commish that you do not wish to specify.
    I’ll be happy to surprise you then.
  • If you have wishes for extras, tell me about them too.
    • For instance if you want a version with and without clothing, or several variants of genitals or such.
  • Tell me your email address (if you haven’t messaged me via email yet).
    I can’t work on your commish without a valid email address of yours. It is needed for sending you the invoice, files, and payment requests.

You can (and should) submit all of this using my uploader. The button/link for that is at the top of this section! πŸ‘† (colorful button)

Supply me with the necessary information at latest within 1 week after getting the slot. The sooner the better.
If not, I’ll assume you do not want it anymore and will give the slot to the next person waiting for one. :> You can grab one again at a later time.

3. Todex will get back to you

I’ll get back to you with any questions I may have about the details of the commission.
So it is okay if you have not thought of everything right away. No need to panic. :> I’ll catch missing details and ask about them.

I’ll give you a definite price quote.
The price is final and includes any fees/taxes – unless you change your mind mid-way and request different things, or wish to spend more time iterating back and forth to try different details. I will inform you ahead of time if what you’re asking for incurs a surcharge. No hidden surprises!

I’ll charge you in Euros, or the equivalent of your local currency based on the Euro exchange rates on the day you make your payment(s).

Once all questions are answered, you’ll get a date-estimate when I can start on your commish.

4. Wait till your Slot is being worked on

Check by the info center now and then to see where your slot is in the queue and what is ahead of it.
I’ll send you a message and let you know when your slot is ready to be worked on!

If you change your mind and no longer want the commission, please let me know right away.
Yes you lose your slot, no this does not have to be embarrassing to you.
Read up about canceling a commish at the bottom of this page.

5. Make first half of payment

Make the first half of your commission payment. In general I prefer using WISE instead of Paypal.
I’ll send you a payment request to the email address you specified.

Once the payment is cleared, I’ll begin with the work on your slot. Exciting things!

You’ll hear back from me regularly.

6. Select and approve a Rough Sketch

I will sketch up 3 variants for your commission and present them to you.

You choose one of the 3 options that we will move forward with.

This is a great opportunity to give large-scale feedback. For example:

I love variant 2, let's choose this one!! But can we make Character_A hold a timebomb and can you make Character_B have way more muscular legs and three testicles? I'm kinda in a fancy mood today, heh!

7. Approve Intermediary Lines

I’ll work on your chosen sketch variant and refine it into intermediary lines.
I’ll also incorporate the feedback you gave in the previous step, and add details that were missing in the rough sketch. This will also be when I’ll make sure the anatomy is more on-point.

I’ll present you with the intermediary lines for review and approval.
They represent the final picture pretty well, just aren’t as tidy yet.

You can give final feedback on specific details. For example:

Perfect!!! Oh, but can you make their dicks uncut? Also Character_A wears two eyepatches, I forgot to mention that haha.

If you want additional iterations beyond the included one, they will incur a surcharge of €20+19%VAT per iteration.

8. Wait a lil’ till it is finished

Check your slot status in the info center. I’ll check off the progress towards its completion, and also provide an ETA on when it is finished.

I’ll send you a message when I’m done with the work!

You’ll receive a low-res preview, and the instructions/request to pay the second half of your commission.

9. Make second half of the payment, receive your files

Complete your payment.

I’ll send you the fullsize commission files as .png, as well as web-friendly .jpg versions when the payment is cleared.
You’ll get a proper invoice as pdf, and I’ll need your name and address for that purpose at the latest at this step.


And that’s it! Done! πŸ˜€

Post it, show it to your friends, tell your ancestors about it, be happy! And come back for more in the future. πŸ˜‰

Canceling your Commission

Well, this can happen. Let’s see how this can be done!

Work has not yet begun

You have a slot, and you are still waiting for work to start. You have not yet made any payments.

  • Canceling your commission is no problem.
    • The sooner your let me know, the easier it will be for me to restructure my schedule. Please be upfront about it.
  • You will lose your slot, but you will not owe me anything.
  • I will not owe you anything either.
  • You can get a slot again in the future (but will have to apply like the first time).
  • If you submitted any commission data via my uploader, I will delete that data now.
Work has begun, and you have made your first payment
  • You can cancel your commission.
  • I will not owe you a finished artwork.
  • You will not owe me any further payments.
  • Your first payment may be only partially refundable, or non-refundable at all.
    • This depends on how much work I already invested into the commission.
Work is finished, you are due to make your second payment

And yet you wish to cancel the commission now.

  • No refunds are possible.
  • Defaulting on your second payment means you will not get any artworks, and no permission to use the WIP versions you have already gotten.
  • I may remove the identity of your character and auction the picture as YCH artwork.
  • You will not be entitled to any earnings I generate from the artwork.
  • You will not be given credit.
  • You will not be getting slots in the future.

You still want the commission, but have run into financial difficulties. You wish to pay with slight delay.

  • Talk to me about it
  • Making any sort of arrangement is solely at my discretion, and I am not promising you a special payment plan in advance.
Todex can’t finish your commish

Due to unforeseen circumstances / other events / planet exploding etc.

  • You’ll get a full refund if you’ve already made payments.
  • I will not owe you anything afterwards.
  • You can grab a slot again in the future.
  • This does not legally entitle you to any form of reimbursement.