Here you can read up about pricing and options.

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Slots / Availability

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Pricing and Options

Base Package


+ 19% VAT for all prices listed
  • Included Characters: 1
    • If there are multiple characters, then the most complex character in your commission counts as base character.
  • Fully Colored + Shaded
  • Background: Standard background
  • Resolution: Upwards of 4000 pixels in the largest dimension.
  • Included Extras: Minor variant versions.
    • For example nocum/pre/cum variants with matching facial expression, or minor variants on a clean commish.


  • Additional Characters: € 75-300
    • Price varies with complexity of design, and how much of the character is visible in the picture.
  • Major Extras: price varies, ask me for a quote
    • Examples:
    • Suit of Armor in addition to the base version of the artwork
    • Limb pose variations
    • Design changes on your character (for example superpowered mode on/off / radical material changes)
  • Minor Extras: price varies, but is less than for major extras
    • Examples:
    • Underwear/no underwear version
    • Clean / Dick version
    • Simple shirt / no shirt
    • Happy face / Angry face
  • More detailed background: price varies, ask me for a quote
  • Extremely detailed shading: price varies, ask me for a quote
    • If your characater requires truly outstanding levels of detail. Examples:
    • Huge amount of intricate scales that must be individually detailed and shaded
    • Ornate body carvings
    • Super detailed futuristic tech armor
    • Super complicated fullbody tattoos that must match the reference 110% accurately

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