Where to find Todex!
You can find me in any of these locations:

Here I post my artworks

My Art Project

All about my Commissions


I also have accounts on Paheal (I check comments now and then), e621 (I don’t check here much at all), Weasyl (inactive) , Pixiv (also inactive) , Sofurry (also inactive) , Pillowfort (boy what a disappointment) – so while these may be something you’ll come across, don’t follow any of them.

I’m kinda in the odd situation where deleting the accounts would open the usernames up to abuse and claiming, and manually deleting every single submission would take forever. xD So they just sit there.


If you see any Todex elsewhere, such as on Steam, in games, on Facebook, Instagram, or any places I did not list above:
If it is not on the list, then it is not me.
Never arrange commission details with me over accounts that are not listed above.