Privacy Policy

Who is running this site

Todex runs this place. He makes artworks that make people with certain interests feel good. And he is responsible for the hard- and software.

Data about you

No external services are embeded or loaded into this site. No advertisements, no tracking scripts or tracking pixels. Todex hates these like the plague, probably like you do, too! Feel free to check for yourself.

So aside of server logs, or data you voluntarily submit – such as contact forms, commish data, theme votes, comments – no data is gathered about you.


Oh goody, the lovely and untruthful cookie statements. How about the truth instead!
This site sets cookies to remember who you are if you interact with something that lets you submit data.
It may also deposit a user ID so it doesn’t show you popups or other such messages twice. Like the popup message about you needing you to be of legal age to browse this tite!

You’re free to delete them anytime, they’re not really necessary and more for convenience.

Content from other websites

If there are embeds from webservices that are not hosted in this server here, they’ll be trapped in containers that require you to click and enable them before their contents load. That’ll keep all the Googlefacebookamazons from gathering data about you.

Links placed to external websites may lead you to places that are not controlled by Todex.
As such he doesn’t take legal responsibility for any shit those places may or may not do and will not be summoned into lawsuits if they do something wrong or cause data loss on your devices. Cool? Cool.

If you are a lawyer that makes a living off of suing website operators, please fist yourself. Thankyou.

What rights you have over your data

By default you can’t register accounts or upload any of your contents. If you submit comments, or interact with the commish submission or info gizmos, you can request that data to be deleted though. Contact Todex.

Where your data is sent

From your browser, through Cloudflare, to this server. And back.